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Our Story~

Welcome to Evolve YOGA & Wellbeing!


We are situated in the Historic District of Orland Park. Built in 1879 as a General Store, in operation until 1969. My father visited the GS on vacation with his family as a boy! He later became a history teacher, started a family & an antique hobby with my mother. At about this time, supermarkets were sprouting up & the owners of the GS were ready to retire. Shortly after my parents saw the for sale sign, they took a leap & became the proud owners. Wanting to take their hobby one step further, they opened The General Store Antiques. After 50 yrs in business, the time had come. What would be next for our landmark? A few years earlier, my journey began. I had discovered Yoga & the positive shifts it was creating in my physical & emotional self. Always a place for community, it seemed like the perfect match. The planning began & after a two yr. renovation, Evolve YOGA & Wellbeing Center was borne! From the moment you walk in, our space feels like hOMe. You will be welcomed with open hearts by a caring & experienced staff. We offer a variety of Yoga classes for all levels, that will guide you to tune out, turn inward & connect to your authentic self. In addition, there are many Holistic Therapies, Workshops & Events to choose from. My name is Susan, & it is our wish for everyone to experience the benefits of YOGA & natural health practices. Our true nature is to be happy, balanced & evolving. We look forward to connecting with You, Community & Conscious Living!  

What you seek is seeking you - Rumi

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