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YOGA Teachers


Jaime J

Jaime began her yoga journey in 2017 as a way to gain flexibility in both body and mind.

After years of struggling with anxiety she quickly realized how a consistent yoga practice brought a sense of inner peace and has continued ever since.


She completed 200hr teacher training in 2022 and finally found her voice and soul purpose.

With an emphasis on intentional breathing and listening to the body, she now hopes to spread that same joyous calm one breath at a time.

Jenn C


Jenn embarked on her yoga journey after becoming a mother in 2003, initially driven by physicality and ego. This pursuit gradually evolved into a profound source of physical and emotional healing, extending beyond her yoga mat into her roles as an educator, mother, and wife.

As both a student and instructor, Jenn guides others in discovering their authentic selves in body, mind, spirit, and voice. Her classes offer a perfect blend of strengthening and spirituality, fostering a deep mind-body connection. Known for her extensive knowledge, grounded presence, innovative teaching methods, and intuitive sequencing, Jenn creates an atmosphere of exploration while providing modifications for practitioners of all levels. Students can always anticipate unexpected insights in Jenn's classes, mirroring life's unpredictability.

Jenn earned her foundational 200-hour certification in Ashtanga-Vinyasa from the Center for Yoga under Jonny Kest's guidance. Continuing her journey, she pursued an additional 300-hour certification with mentor Janet Stone. Jenn has traveled extensively, attending yoga festivals and international retreats with Janet, including a transformative pilgrimage through Tamil Nadu, India. Her true inspiration stems from her ongoing role as a student.

Visit her website for more information: Om Namaḥ Śivāya   

Anna Lee


Yoga was the key that unlocked a whole new perspective on life for Anna. Within this journey of transformation, healing, and growth, she knew more than anything, she wanted to share her love of yoga.


To help others realize the power of their own breath, and to know that no matter how much is going on outside oneself, they can tune into the rhythm of their own heart beat, taking comfort in its pulse.


Anna’s greatest hope that each class will bring you an expansion of the mind, nourishment of the body, and an elevation of your soul.

Dana F


Dana came to yoga over 20 years ago as a disconnected young adult and quickly fell in love with the practice. Yoga helped her stay grounded during her university education and work as a recreational therapist.

For more than a decade, she felt drawn toward studying to become a yoga teacher, and eventually decided to listen to her inner voice.. The events of the last several years have made Dana realize that time is not guaranteed and that she wants to spend her days sharing yoga and mindfulness with others. Dana is a yoga teacher who believes that connection is the key to peace.

She hopes to help people find the balance they need to live their best lives by teaching them yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques. Dana believes that connecting with others is the most powerful thing we can do as humans. It's what brings us together, makes us feel less alone, and helps us find our place in this world.

Melanie K


My name is Melanie.

I received my first 200 hr certification from Rising Lotus in 2020 and began to deepen my personal practice. 

I then went on to my 300 hr certification that was led by Gabriel Halpern & Rich Logan which I completed in 2021.

Now as of April 2022, I will embark on my journey into teaching.


Please join me for authentic movement, breath and body connection.

Looking forward to learning with you.

Lots of Love, Always.


Corinne M


Corinne is a E-RYT200 Certified Yoga

Instructor and Certified Sound Healer. She is also a

Usui Reiki Master.


As a Group Fitness and Mat Pilates Instructor, Corinne brings high vibes with her motivating and free-

spirited energy. She offers a Pilates Fusion classes & 

Special Events in our studio.

Jastine S


Jastine is an Occupational Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, and specializes in Pregnancy and Postpartum. As an Exercise Specialist, she is upbeat, compassionate, and a playful yoga instructor!

Jastine offers Vinyasa Yoga classes & Special Events with a focus on Pelvic Health plus Baby & Mom Yoga.

Kitty K

JPEG image_edited.jpg

As a former teacher I have continued my purpose in life with my continued passion of guiding others through the healing practice of Yoga. I am a 200 HR. certifiedYoga Instructor and a Certified Chair Yoga Instructor.

The connection of breath, movement, mindfulness, and meditation brings awareness to creating inner peace,

wisdom, and enlightenment. Yoga students of all ages are able to connect with their authentic selves through their individual Yoga journeys as they move through

a mindful moving meditation.

JPEG image.jpeg

Maura T

An educator by profession with a passion for wellness, Maura loves to learn and help others.

Maura's personal experience with yoga has led her to earn her RYT200 with additional specialized training in Restorative Yoga. Whether in movement or stillness, Maura's classes support your growth in your unique yoga practice. Discover a balance of effort and ease, find grounding, build resilience on your mat and carry it all with you into your everyday life!

Elise F


I came to yoga after the birth of my second child as a way to find physical healing. As I continued on my yogic journey I discovered that yoga is much more than a physical practice.

I found peace and power in my breath and joy by honoring my body through mindful movement.

When I’m not practicing yoga I can be found hiking, baking and spending time with my husband and kids.

Elise received her 200 Hr. Teaching Certificate from the Yoga & Ayurveda Center.


Stephanie S

Stephanie started learning about Buddhist philosophy and meditation practices as a teenager. Stephanie initially sought yoga as a way to continue expression through movement, after studying ballet throughout much of childhood. She began consistently attending yoga classes while working through her master's program in social work.

As she increasingly noticed the physical and mental health benefits of a regular yoga practice, she became determined to help others find their "way home" by connecting mind, body, and spirit.

This led her to a 200 hour yoga teacher training with Chi-Town Shakti Yoga + Meditation, completed in 2020.

Stephanie is a partner, parent, and psychotherapist specializing in helping people impacted by trauma and addictions. She is continuing her studies by undertaking a 1,000 hour IAYT accredited yoga therapy program. 

Michael A
Swami Sudhishananda


Namaste my beloved! I am Swami Sudhishananda. You can also call me Michael Azzaline, Sr. or Mike! I excelerated my spiritual journey in this lifetime in 1970. My search for knowledge and wisdom brought me into contact with many mystical teachers who inspired me to study, practice and teach yoga. I earned a Master of Arts Degree and became a Master Teacher of Hatha Yoga a few years later. I then began work in mental health services helping clients recover from substance dependence and emotional suffering. I am credentialed as a Licensed Professional Counselor and a

Master Addiction Counselor. I am now retired from counseling, after 40 years of service. After extensive study and practice, I received Ordination as Swami from Goswami Kriyananda at The Temple of Kriya Yoga Seminary in 2012. My ambitions also, led me to become an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 level (ERYT500) from The Yoga Alliance and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP). The International Association of Yoga Therapists awarded me a Certified International Yoga Therapist (C-IYT) credential in 2017. Humbly, all of the knowledge, experience and wisdom obtained over the many years of my seeking became my calling, to serve and offer these blessings, for the benefit and enlightenment of all beings. So let me assist you while we happily pursue our Dharma together in gatherings or privately. My hope is for you to find that which you seek. May you receive blissful joy in every petal and cell of your soul. May you always find peace, contentment and serenity.

Om Shanti, Shanti Shanti!

Susan L


From the moment I stepped on my mat, I knew I was hOMe. I quickly began exploring everything Yoga. Always a student, & Yoga always has something new to reveal. It awakened a desire to deepen my practice & enroll in a 200hr RYTT

(V. Sireikis). After graduating, I was led further to participate in the Inner Engineering program, & initiation by Sadhguru. Next, I attended a 200 hr. Kundalini study (Shakti Devi Academy). I have taken many workshops & trainings along the way. Drawn to classes & books on natural healing modalities, energy work & everything Yoga. All have greatly benefitted my health & wellbeing. 

My teachers shared the ancient wisdom, & inspiration. One of the topics that made a lasting impression, was a discussion on Seva. The service to others. And that is how Evolve YOGA & Wellbeing Center came into being. And that is Yoga. It is my wish to bring the best experiences possible of Yoga & Alternative Therapies, to all those who are seeking. Our true nature is to be happy, balanced & evolving!

OM Shanti  🙏🏻✨

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